Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fields: 2 Months

Fields. You are such a snuggly little bug. Two months have gone by, wow. You are 13 lbs and 22 inches. That puts you in the 90th percentile for weight (chub, chub) and the 25th for height! You've slept 10 hours straight twice and 7.5 hours and soon enough you'll be sleeping all night consistently. I'm hoping so anyway, because we like our sleep around here. 

You have smiled a few times, and often smile through your eyes. You get held and soothed by Hensley and Tegegne, which is sometimes not so soothing, but they're just trying to help! You love to eat, about every 3 hours, and always spit up afterwards. Sometimes a lot. You eat in like 7 minutes, and I try to get you to slow down. You are a sweet, sweet boy and we love watching you grow and are so blessed by your presence. 

Love you so much.


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