Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Many: Hairstyles of FBJ


Your hair. Your hair is soft, and plentiful, and stylish! You are 3 weeks old today. One month will be here soon! Instead of letting the time fly by we are trying to cherish these early days.

Your dad writes, "It was cool last night. He (you) was getting all restless, and I got a little nervous thinking that he was going to explode. Then I remembered that you said he was settling in...about 5 minutes later he was sleeping...good work Krissy." 

Your dear 'ol dad, has been awake with you some at night, just choosing to hang out because you are wide awake. It is neat to get to know you, especially while feeling relaxed since we've done this baby thing before. I've remembered dear Mrs. Druckerman's suggestions of "The Pause" and after doing Babywise with Hensley, we've gotten you into a good eat/wake/sleep routine. 

I love your sweet baby sounds and the way you hold your little mouth in the shape of an "o" and look around. 



You were in a movie today, which made a little money for your savings! You played the grandson, and held hands with a grandpa while walking through a park. An easy scene with no talking, but you were a natural!



Love you funny girl. You're so goofy. The way you dance around waving your arms. How loudly you say each word, and repeat the last word you hear. You love shoes. And eating. Definitely your mother's daughter.

And since I read this post, I'll be getting in a few more photos with you kids.



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