Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fallish Things: And Fancy Woodwork

Have you indulged in the deliciousness of fall? Pumpkin pie and apple cider? Hot chocolate and smores? The pumpkin patch, hayrides, sweaters, knit socks, and snuggling up? 

Tomorrow afternoon we will get together with friends to dine and enjoy fallish things. The hosts are making the most delicious Moroccan autumn soup with many tasty spices. Served with a dollop of Greek yogurt and a baguette drizzled with honey. Yum.

We have stayed sorta close to home lately. Michael's Grandpa is not doing well, so we have been to and from the hospital. His Grandpa held Fields for the longest time two nights ago. It was precious. So glad Fields got to meet Great Grandpa Auringer, and have that special time with him. I've been sick, and trying to rest. Michael and the kiddos got out this morning to watch some kids from his class play soccer. Sweet sweet Baby Fields is officially 1 month old today! I must do a photo re-shoot tomorrow and post his one months. Hensley was way too involved in the photo shoot today. I cannot wait to get my A game back so I can be the busy mama of the house again. 

Michael is currently painting walls in our entryway getting ready for the homes tour. It is quite amazing what a difference smooth walls make. The woodwork looks divine in contrast with the beautiful milky white walls. We are going with white walls everywhere, especially after seeing this historic home renovation in Boise. 

With love and red leaves,


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