Monday, October 29, 2012

A Bedroom: To Share Or Not To Share

Hello there. Enjoying your Monday evening, I hope. We dined out this evening, which is such a treat these days. Do you remember your bed from childhood? I remember having a simple little twin bed, and then an antique iron bed with purple lilac bedding. (Purple was my favorite color as a child.) Surely these boys will remember their awesome boxy bunks when they grow up!

And on another note, room sharing. Did you sleep solo or with a sibling? Most friends I have who shared a room growing up loved it. I never did, but think I would have liked it. Hensley and Tegegne LOVE sleeping in the same room. And who knows, maybe Fields will join them one of these days. It's a huge room and remember the Brady Bunch? They had 3 to a room, didn't they?

A recent article I read had this to say on the topic of sharing a bedroom with siblings:
While I'm sure my fellow baby boomers would have enjoyed their own bedrooms growing up, I suspect we learned valuable lessons about living together with others because we had to share more of our lives with other family members. If families are the first places we learn how to share with others and live in right and reconciled relationships with each other, how will that ever happen if we never have to brush up against each other---even in our own families?


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  1. Our plan is to move the girls into a shared room probably sometime in the next six months or so. We don't "need" to, but we'd like for them to get used to sharing early. Looking forward to seeing how it goes! :) Any tips are appreciated. And I'm sure you've made or are making a super-cute shared bedroom. Would love to see pics!


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