Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Hensley: Thanks!

Hey Cutie! Thanks! (Thanks and Jesus are two words that you say adorably well.) Thanks for our breakfast date this morning. One large banana granola pancake, one egg, and one cup of coffee at a booth in Fairway's First Watch made for a good time with you. Fields sat in his car seat in the booth with us and didn't make a peep!)

I love this video of you at 19 months (2 days ago) which represents a bit of our days together when Tegegne is at school. 

P.S. Sorry people keep mistaking you as a boy lately. If you're not in pink clothing, people just assume. And you are a green dino for Halloween (but maybe a fairy with wings as well because your dad got a costume from a school parent too!), and your winter coat is brown, etc, etc. 

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