Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Container: A Home

A "Container Home."

So, as you well know, Michael and I really enjoy to do design-build projects together. It started with our bungalow master bedroom getaway on Liberty Street, and more recently our kitchen and bath on Wabash.  It's not always easy in the middle of a project when the house is dusty and the kids are playing with tools, but we are so pleased with the end result that it makes it all worthwhile.

Last week I read an article on Home Contained, in a recent issue of M Magazine. It's a home in KC that was built using 5 shipping containers integrated into the design. After reading this article, Michael and I have discussed and began to research container homes. We are quite intrigued. One of these days we may just have to build ourselves one.

(container homes, container home in KC)

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