Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Word: From the Papa

Made it back. (meaning he made it back to his main host family in the mountains. He spent the weekend with another host family and a last night with a few teachers.) So the last few days have been nice.  I haven't slept much, but it has been nice.  The weekend was good to see the country side.  Kind of like going to Salisbury and seeing all the family.  I learned a lot and have plenty to share.  Then Monday, I went out with two women named Claire, and a man named Leon.  They were all in their late 50's  early 60's. We went to St. Sebastian.  What a time!  It was seriously great.  You and I will return, and I know just the spot to go get tapas.  It was one of the best meals I have ever had.  We watched the sun set on the ocean, talked about you, and just walked around the old port town.  I seriously need to take you here.  We'll have Claire and Leon to guide us, seeing that they are there often.  They can't wait to meet you, and I feel that they know you already. You'd really like them, smart, sharp like Grandpa Jones and Grammie.  We ate very well, and oh man was it late when we started...9:30. We didn't get out till 11:45ish. I hit the pillow at 1:30. 

(San Sebastian photo.)

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