Friday, May 4, 2012

Eating & Sleeping (Wink): Courses & Night Shirts!

So are we still eating meals in course, you ask? Yep. And I think it's a keeper. It's so simple.

Here's what we had today:

Course 1: Ants on a Log. (We were out of raisens, so our "ants" were dot sprinkles!)

Course 2. Tuna Melt. (Hensley took a few bites, but hey, she tried it.)

Course 3. Grapes. (Ours were not frozen, nor on a stick, but they totally should be next time! Yum!)


Here are the basic tips for meals in courses with kids:

Course 1: A Vegetable (They must try it. That's it. Introduce lots of vegetables, and reintroduce the same ones (maybe prepared differently) even if they "didn't like it the first time.")
Course 2: Something with protein
Course 3: Fruit and/or Yogurt, and if its a special day a cookie or two!

And if you're feeling fancy, or French, or something, throw in course 2.5...a bit of cheese. No, Velveeta doesn't count, I said fancy! 

Here's the real deal...this is not just for families with kids! Mealtime can be an excellent time to catch up with your spouse. Making it last longer, and eating at least 3 courses, will allow for this to happen!

Also, not a topic for kids...Joanna's tip on What Men Really want Women to Wear to Bed via Glamour. Just something to spice up all of this kid talk, because let's face it. When Mama and Daddy are happy, the kids will be happier too! 

(Food tips inspired by the book, Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman)

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