Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bicycle Basket: What's Up

Well, we are more than ready to see dear 'ol Ababayeh on Tuesday, aren't we kids? Only 2 more sleeps! In the mean time, Tegegne, you had your last soccer game "Under the Lights" and got a bobble head trophy which you are really proud of. You said, "Mommy, this is me? With different looking hair?" (The boy on the trophy has straight hair.) We had tons of fun at our all church picnic today. Many dear friends helped me out, and I am so thankful for our community.  I love seeing our kids interact with our friends. There's something extra special about it.

Tis the season for juicy watermelon, eh? I've been eating it like crazy.  As a kid, I just wanted to pick the seeds out, but now I'm all in.

The kids have a casting call at Hallmark on Thursday, and if they are on their best behavior maybe they'll be on a greeting card or something! Thanks Nate! 

Have you used airbnb before? Michael, Tegegne, and I are riding the train to Chicago in a month and we are considering it. (Hensley will get more time at Big Sky with Gramma and Grandpa.)

Enjoy something juicy this week!



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