Monday, May 14, 2012

A Retreat: For All of Us

Dear Ma and Pa Iman,

Thank you so much for giving the kiddos a retreat at Big Sky and me a few days to myself! These are my first days to myself in hmmmm, a really long time, and I feel good! What a blessing you are. I know they are having ubber amounts of fun with you. 

Here's my agenda!
Breakfast at first watch in the northland for a banana granola pancake and coffee. sat in that booth for an hour reading, writing, and thinking.
Starting the book The Time Travelers Wife.
Finish cleaning up from Taryn's baby shower (which was sweet fun) and a lovely weekend with college friends.
Matinee movie The Artist, with Nickie. 
Drum roll please...An hour at Bijin for facial/massage with Aunt Donna!
Dinner at Lulu's with Taryn and Amy.
Coffee date with Jan.
20 week baby check up. (We named our boy...stay tuned!)
Head to Big Sky to see my kiddos and relax at Big Sky.
Hopefully several skype dates and emails with my dear hubby who I cannot wait to reunite with.
Hens and I have a lunch date with Katie and Judah at Chai Shai.
To God be the glory!

Happy day to you!


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  1. Loved "The Time Traveler's Wife"! Enjoy your week - everything sounds lovely! :)


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