Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tegegne: Conversations

Scout Photo. Nick Welch.


I love it that you are three, because you say things that are funny, or that don't make any sense.  I love it that I can still pick you up and it sometimes feels easier than carrying your sister. (that is probably because of how you wrap your legs and arms so tight around me when I carry you these days.) 

T: "Mommy, don't say umhum...say yes. Do you know what umhum means? It's not a story but yes is a story."
M: (Wasn't sure how to respond to that, so I just said, "Okay, I meant yes.")

T: "Mommyeh, let's snuggle!"
M: "Really?" (You said this with that melt-my-heart smile while sitting in the car. Too bad we didn't end up snuggling when we got inside. You forgot all about it, and I guess I did too.)

T: (Yelling from the bathroom while I was in your sisters room changing her clothes.) "Mooommmyyy, tell my sister I'm going poop! Say Siiiister, your brother's going poop." 
M: "Siiiister, your brother's going poop." 
T: "Mommy, I neeeed help."
M: "Okay, wait just a minute and I'll help you."

T: "Ababayeh, what is that hair in your nose?"
A: "Adults just have hair in their nose?"
T: "Will I have hair in my nose when I'm an adult?"

T: "Mommyeh, I want to shave like Ababayeh."

T: During a big thunder storm, you were wide-eyed and innocent, "Mommy, what are the lights that keep coming on in the sky?"

One of the highlights of my week was this: 

We were just arriving home Wed evening and it was pouring down rain. Ababayeh ran from the car to the house to prop the door open for us to make a run for it. I yelled to him to grab an umbrella, but then remembered that he probably didn't know that I had just put three of them in our lockers by the back door. He comes running to us with a big blue tarp overhead. I held you and the three of us ran to the house under the tarp, getting way soaked on the way. We were all laughing so was awesome. One of those stop-me-in-this-moment-so-I-can-hold-onto-this-feeling-forever! (Hensley was still in the car but Ababayeh ran right back to get her. He tried to hold the tarp over her on the way in, but it didn't work and she got the wettest of us all!) 

And that's it. It's the little things in life that really make life worthwhile. Can't believe you are going to Big Sky for 4 days. We'll miss you Little-Big Guy! Don't grow while you're gone.

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