Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday: Uncle Eric

Our parents tell us how wonderful you are and we look forward to growing to know you.
They say that you have one of the best laughs. You have the ability to make a person feel like a million bucks even when they told a joke that wasn't great. You care about people and social justice and living simply and you have an amazing wife to journey through life with. My mom tells us that you and Erica were in the Peace Corps in Mongolia for almost 3 years, where you were devastated by the extremes of wealth and poverty but you helped the people as best as you could. Then you lived in Japan and worked on a blueberry farm while Erica worked through a Japanese ceramics program. When you got back to the U.S. Gramma Debby was worried that you would never buy a bed again because you had learned that people in the world live on very little. My mom and Gramma visited your little apartment in Eugene, OR and said it was great. Eating Japanese food around the coffee table sitting on the floor, listening to a great record, and sharing laughs. We look forward to a gaining a bigger vocabulary so we can sit around and visit with you the two of you! 

We cannot wait to spend more time with you guys next weekend!


Tegegne and Hensley

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