Friday, May 6, 2011

Day to Day: Projects & Kids

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Oh the soft sunlight is lovely coming into both of these spaces. This morning I soaked up every bit of sunlight coming in our kitchen window while eating breakfast with my little man. I'm trying to redesign our kitchen so we can get more of that warm morning sun coming from the east.

So after my post about you (Hensley) sleeping through the night, you've done fairly well with 6.5 hour spans most nights. Then last night you made it 9 hours! We went to the hospital yesterday to get your hips checked out and the nurse said, "These hips look normal to me, and I see lots of little hips!" Your doctor will confirm, but so far so good. I just found a trick to putting you down for a nap in your crib. A step stool. I stepped up and laid you down more smoothly than usual. And you stayed asleep.

And this is for you Tegegne:

And now here is a Hoodwink
Who winks in his wink-hood.
Without a good wink-hood
A Hoodwink can't wink good.
And, folks, let me tell you
There's only one circus
With wink-hooded Hoodwinks!
The Circus McGurkus!
(If I Ran the Circus, by Dr. Seuss)
You and I have been laughing back and forth all morning saying Circus McGurkus! We read one third of the book outside with your sister. Then we took her to her room for a nap, and went back out to kick the soccer ball. We did laps around the house, and ran some wind sprints. Trying to get you ready for your second soccer practice tomorrow! And trying to get your 'ol mom back into shape. Now if I could just stop eating this Belgian chocolate bar from one of your dad's dear colleagues!
It's going to be a lovely weekend, I can feel it! Looking forward to a family night with college friends, an Ethiopian Celebration dinner + fashion show, a Sunday picnic with Grandpa Ben and Gramma Debby, and some porch sittin' with a good friend. The best part of it all is that we get Ababayeh for two days straight! Tegegne, you are giddy on the weekends because you get so much dad time. And your sister can hardly stop smiling when he is holding her!

Happy Weekend Folks!

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