Tuesday, May 24, 2011

 Happy Birthday Mason! I had so much fun at your swimming party! (P.S. This photo is so last summer, but the photos from your party are on the camera which is traveling with Ababayeh to France!) Love, Tegegne

Taryn and Micah, thank you so much for loving my sister and I like you do. We LOVE spending time with you guys. Especially last week, when you let my mom and dad go to a last minute movie and you hung out with us. We cannot wait to be in your wedding in a few months. Love you so much! (Ummm, this photo is also from so long ago. I think all of our pics are on Taryn's camera!)
-Tegegne & Hensley

Last but not least, have a happy week! We are in survival mode without Ababayeh for the next two weeks. Cannot wait to skype with him soon and hear of their crazy travels to Bayonne! 

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