Thursday, July 1, 2010


Your first "unofficial" day of school. I was so nervous to get you to school on time, remember to pack your lunch, extra underwear, etc that I forgot to plan anything fun for my"day off!" I dropped you off, met your kind teachers, and gave them the low down, tried to give you a good bye kiss, and I was off. Walking out of school, and got a text from my cousin who works at a salon in town. She was offering free facials if we could get there before noon. So I went. Got an hour facial and massage. Thank you Lord! And thank you, Tarah! Then I ate lunch alone, (well, with my book and journal) at Eden Alley (yum), found a pair of gray booties at UO for $10. Then back to pick you up. Miss Marti gave a good report. She said you tried to make friends, played hard, ate another kid's carrot, and made a windmill. Seemed like you had fun, and if one carrot was the only issue, I think you did okay.

So we celebrated with a special treat, and now you are napping 2 hours later than normal. But that's okay because we've got a dinner party with some French guests (that hosted Michael in Bayonne) so we may be out late.

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