Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Special Trip

We got home last night and tomorrow are gone again. We are soaking up the time that Michael has between summer school and school for vacation. This next trip is a special one and you, Gunyea, are coming with! We are going to visit a dear friend and her family in Denver.

You see, it was Miss Connie that played a huge role in helping us bring you home, Gunyea. She and her family, hold a special place in our hearts and I'm sure I will cry when you get to meet her...tomorrow! Looking forward to spending time with her family and showing you the mountains.


P.S. This is a side note but I've got to share! Michael and Gunyea are downtown today getting important papers for our cars. He just called and said, "Kristyn, I think our little black son is the key to the hearts of the people at the federal building in KC. I walked in and people flocked out of their offices, like the children would when we stopped our bus in rural Ethiopia. One lady said, "Ooh, he is like sugar on a lollipop!" He got the papers he needed in no time, while Tegegne showed off for the ladies.

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  1. hehe. cute story about the papers for the car. sounds like your son melts hearts!


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