Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Tour Time

The Tour de France is going full speed and your dad is so in tune. Maybe next year we'll catch some of the stages live in France. Yesterday he was telling me about the cobblestones that the guys raced where there were some insane crashes.

Here are some photos that we got from the 2009 Tour of Missouri of Thor Hushovd, Levi Leipheimer, and George Hincapie

Thor, a powerhouse, won the dreaded cobblestone stage 3 of the tour.  

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  1. hello hello! yes, we're here and almost settled! just finally had internet installed today and had so many posts of yours to catch up on. i love that :) looks like you guys have been busy! good busy. well i posted a little something today and hopefully that's the start of a new more frequent blogging season of life...eeek...bug me k :)love you guys!! tell the boys i say hello.


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