Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Gunyea!

Gunyea! Hello from San Francisco. We miss you, and can't wait to hug your neck! From what we here, you are living it up at Big Sky with Gma and Pa. It's so fun to call you. Hearing "Mommyeh and Ababayeh...I love you!" over the phone --in your extra loud voice-- is super sweet. 

Here's what we were doing in these pictures:

1. Resting on the beach an hour north of the city in a cute town called Bolinas. We had to leave the foggy city for some real sunshine and beach time. Road signs have been removed so this place can only be found by natives.  

2. We are staying with Lauren and Larry, natives who knew the back route. They were so kind to take us on this lovely venture to Bolinas! 

3. Overlooking Stinson Beach on our windy drive back to the city. The drive reminded us of being in Hawaii. It was beautiful!

4. Looking at really neat art at the SF Museum of Modern Art. After seeing all of the art we hung out on the rooftop garden for more sunshine.

5. and 6. Ababayeh and I rented bikes today and rode through Golden Gate Park, along the coast, and by some of the nicest houses in the city.  This photo is half way onto the Golden Gate Bridge. Ababayeh read that they go through 1000 gallons of paint a week to keep the bridge looking like it just stepped out of the paint shop. 38 painters touch up with "international orange" continuously.

We are having lots of fun and I'm sure you are too. See you soon, big guy.

Mommyeh and Ababayeh


  1. i've been reading your sweet blog from time to time. so blessed by your adoption story... and by the way you love your son.

    have fun in san francisco! i love that city!

  2. yay youre in san fran!!! looks like you're having a good time :) cant wait to hear more adventure stories about your trip!

  3. It's hard to express how proud I am of you guys. I look at your blog from now and then, and I just well up with Pride at how God had moved in your hearts, your family, and your community. What a lucky family to have two of the greatest parents I know, and a kid full of life. Congratulations GUYS. Cheering you on from Colorado



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