Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Oh My

Tegegne Dena Jones - Our Son
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Tegegne Dena Jones, 

My oh my how you have changed in six months, or even ten when we saw our first photo of you! I can't begin to count the ways. You went from wearing a size 4 shoe to your size 7 high top sneakers which you pick out to wear to school now. (size 6 still fits) You are growing a half inch every month or so. You will always be our little guy, but you are growing up! You've been playing dolls with your teddy bears and asked that they wear "sleepy diapers" to bed. You rock them and strap them in the stroller for a walk. You try to open "Mommyeh's door" to the car like Ababayeh taught you too. Your new friend at school is Jordan, ironically or not, the only other dark skinned fellow in your class. (Don't worry Olive, he still asks about you more than Jordan!) Your summertime favorite food is cherries. You love to swim, call Grandpa & Gramma on the phone, and you prefer the underwear with the train. You love to "dip" your food into any sauce, and you've definitely learned to say cheese and give a cheese-like smile.  You pray for neighbors and friends at lunch time, after we've said our regular prayer. I'm always surprised at who you think of, and I figure that the person genuinely needs prayer at the moment. My oh my, have six months really gone by?

Six months ago we were flying home with you, praying Lord have Mercy on our very sick child. And He did, son. He had mercy on you, and we praise him. For you were fearfully and wonderfully made, and meant to be our son. You were not meant to be an orphan forever, you were meant to have a family. Us. And we were meant for you. Thank you God.

(Lord, have mercy on those that are orphans still. Have mercy on them and bring them into forever families, just like you brought Gunyea to us.)


  1. Look at that healthy boy, smiling big like his daddy. God is good.

  2. Love these pics Kristyn! I am tearing up about the prayer at the bottom of the blog. We are sitting in Panara right now with Nikki, doing visit 2 of the home study. Its going to be such an amazing journey. I can't wait to meet our precious little one!!

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