Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mad Skills

This morning we say hello Wednesday! We are glad to see you! Will you show us a good time?

You woke with these first words, "Cereal and milk?" You always ask for this right as I open the door. Most mornings I acknowledge that you will get cereal and milk, then proceed to cuddle and kiss you for a minute. Some mornings you say, "No THANK you Mommyeh," but I can usually sneak in a good kiss and hug. You must take off your "sleepy diaper" and put on underwear before eating breakfast. The training toilet is gone and you use a step stool for the big potty now. It's much easier than transferring goods from one place to the next.

So we've been to the park with a soccer ball (volleyball pretending to be a soccer ball) and Owen, and Trail Mix, and water. Last night the whole gang, including T and Micah were at the park with a real soccer ball. Micah (who played soccer in college) mentioned that your soccer skill seems to be familiar to you. You could run and keep the ball going close to your feet, and you would throw the ball over your head, just like a goalie. It's fun for me to imagine that you played soccer or at least watched soccer in the countryside of Sodo. Your dad and I were proud none-the-less, and we both laughed. We laughed because we had the feeling of "Wow, our kid is awesome." The same feeling all parents have about their kids at some point...where they want the rest of the world to stop and look at how stinkin' great their kid is. We were watching you like you were about to score a goal at the World Cup!

And then another kid comes running up with a soccer ball. Sam. He was also very good at kicking the ball and quite fast. He will turn 3 in a month. You will turn 3 in 3 months. So your dad and I were brought back to reality. It was obvious that Sam awesome too! You are still the awesome-ist to us and if you ever go to the World Cup or play in a neighborhood soccer league we will watch and cheer with all our hearts!

We love you kid.

(wanted to upload THIS photo, but uploader was not working.)

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