Friday, June 4, 2010

Friendly Guy

Little Gunyea, you may grow up to be a politician or better yet a very friendly guy! You love greeting new people, waving to strangers, and making sure you ask the neighbors how they are doing. You look at me when the neighbors don't hear you, so I can help you get their attention. Then you proceed with saying "Hi (neighbors name), how are you?" We just got home from visiting Neighbor Jessie and her backyard kiddy pool. You can hold your breath under water for a long time! You guys played hard, and now you are sleeping like a rock. 
I love spending the day with you! I'm soaking it up until July (when I'll go to work part time.) I loved sitting back and watching you play today. You are my sweet little fellow. 

I love you,


1 comment:

  1. That is an absolutely perfect picture of the two of you! We love it!

    We apologize we couldn't meet up this weekend. With Yiah's little illness we were on a shortened timeline and we didn't want to pass anything along to T. We hope you understand. We will definately meet up the next time we are down!

    Take care!


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