Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Hello Gunyea. It's a rainy Saturday here in Kansas City. Ababayeh just fed you lunch and put you down for a nap. He is such a great dad, and makes the most of his weekends with you!

This morning you woke up with a busted lip. There was blood on your pillow and on the floor, so we guess you fell out of bed and climbed back in yourself. Ababayeh came down to check on you in the night, but you showed no sign of a busted lip. He went right to the store this morning to fix the railing on your bed, so that does not happen again. 

I tried to have a garage sale this morning, and I guess I should have checked the weather. I made $25 then it monsooned and most of our stuff is wet! Sweet neighbors were running out to help and show sympathy. Half of the things are still tarped in the front yard, and I'm not so excited to move it or dry it out! 

M Magazine's article about our adoption story (+3 others) in the June/July issue! 

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