Monday, June 14, 2010

Cameroon in Kansas City

On Saturday we went to the annual Cameroon picnic in Kansas City. The whole atmosphere at the park made me feel like we were in Africa. African music and dancing, Cameroon traditional meal, unique French accents, a nearly professional soccer game (the players were pumped up b/c of the World Cup), children's dance off with prizes. There were at least 200 Cameroon people and we were told they would party all night, like they would in Cameroon. "Don't leave until the food and beverage and dancing is done." They cooked for at least 5 hours and people ate all night. You made a little friend named Angel. The two of you were chasing each other, holding hands, and dancing together.

I was welcomed into several of the women's conversations and they were so kind. We felt honored to be invited to their party and had a wonderful time experiencing a little of Cameroon in Kansas City.

You danced behind the rest of the group. These kids were getting down, because the prize was a portable radio!

Soccer game, Kansas vs. Missouri.

CJ and Gunyea.

Ababayeh's coworker who invited us to the party.

Your sweet friend, Angel.

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