Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathering the Rascal

Gunyea Dena - 

You're my first son.  I am your first father.  You have never had a man in your life looking after you.  No one with a deep voice and big hands ever told you to love your mother, and kiss her each night before you go to bed.  I am the first man that will show you how to take something apart, and put it back together. I am the first to fish with you and catch bullfrogs at the pond.  I will be the first man to be consistent in your life, day in and day out.  I will be the one to pick you up seven times, and then seven times again when you stumble in life.  Like my father taught me, I will be the one who teaches you to look people in the eyes, and shake their hand with a firm grip in confidence.  You are what I have been "imagining"  for years.  When I talked to my dad about being a father, you were that "someone" about whom we were figuratively talking. It is a joy to show you what life has to offer, and I pray that I may show you life to the fullest.  I hope I am a man that you respect, and look up to. 

I'll show you how to love your mother, and your God. 


I love you each day we rise.


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