Thursday, December 10, 2009

Journey to you

(This kind man was trying to get you to smile for the camera, Little T. Looks like you are either on the verge of smiling or crying.)

Tomorrow we are supposed to get confirmed travel dates from our travel helper at America World. In the mean time I looked for flights because I heard they were getting booked.  Originally we thought that our journey to you would be a good time to stop through Paris and visit several dear friends. I mentioned this to the first two travel agents, then on the third, fourth, and fifth agents I called I dropped the Paris idea because I knew we just had to get to Ethiopia! I had two flights on hold that did not include Paris, but at the very end of the day one of the first agents emailed me with a great itinerary that included Paris. AND it was several hundred dollars cheaper than the other flights only to ET and back. That itinerary is leaving KC Dec 27 for Paris. Paris to Ethiopia on Jan 1. We either fly home Jan 9 or 12, still tbd. He said it was the cheapest option and that there were not many options to pick from. 

Tegegne, I think we may be traveling with several great families that are most likely adopting your friends/wrestle buddies. Our agency sends us in groups, and our group so far has 3 other families with darling children. Can't wait to meet up with the Roots, Rices, and Warrens in Addis! 

Love you,


P.S. Timothee, Agnes, Justine, Stephan...we are most likely coming to Paris to see you! I should know for certain tomorrow. We cannot wait to spend time with you! I will apologize in advance that you will not get to meet our little guy. 


  1. We are so thrilled that you will be there soon...even if you get there before we do! :-) We spent a week in Italy before we picked up Amelia. This time, we are trying to decide between some time in Amsterdam and Paris. Even though you can't wait to get to Ethiopia, savor these last few days as a family of two! (And what travel agent did you end up using? We haven't found a great deal with Susan Parr; Addis Travel seems somewhat better, but still not great.)

  2. We are SO excited for you guys!! Can't wait to meet your son!
    -- Kristin

  3. AHHHHH! I was so excited to get to see all of these beautiful photos of Tegegne today!! His smile is humongous (is that how you spell that? know, big) I cannot wait to hold him and hug him and make him laugh! He and Norah will be good buddies :) I'll be following your journey over to Ethiopia. Will you get to blog while you're there? Love,

  4. That kind man is "T," the guy you are bringing the black iTouch cover to! He is WONERFUL!!!


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