Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tegegne's Announcement

Ethiopians tell us that your name means "I have been found" or "chosen". Well, your dad and I along with a lot of great people are so glad that you have been found and placed into our family. I have been thinking a lot about our meeting day. Although you are young and will be sad to leave your kind nannies with whom you have bonded, I pray that there is a part of you that will feel peace when they place you in our arms. May you feel warmly loved and cared for from the moment our eyes meet. In the mean time I will work on learning some key Amharic words. I think I will also try to learn some Amharic songs.

We are your mom and dad officially today, but really God new that we were your forever mom and dad even before you were born.



  1. Kristyn,
    I am so happy for you all! I cried when I saw the pictures of your cute little boy! Congrats on becoming parents today. I know you will never forget this day! I hope to meet him someday.

  2. im so HAPPY for you guys!!! i'm so glad i've got to be on the journey reading your updates leading up to reading this amazing post! cant wait to see pictures of when you finally get that boy home :o)

  3. beautiful! we rejoice with you! and love all three of you!


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