Thursday, April 2, 2009

home study and inquiries from kids

Hello little nugget. I guess you are sound asleep right now. I am picturing you as a little brown bundle in red pjs with footies. Or maybe the African climate doesn't call for footies. Okay, now I'm picturing those little brown toes sticking out of the red pjs. Anyway, I hope you are sleeping soundly.

We made it through our in-the-home study yesterday. The social worker (Nikki) could not get over the 3D view of our house that I developed into our emergency evacuation plan. She said that was a first! I made a 3D model of our attic renovation for Michael's carpentry needs. It came in handy yesterday as I remembered 20 minutes before our home study that I needed an emergency evac plan! Don't worry son, we are now quite prepared for emergencies!
It was a very valuable time. She shared so much that we had not thought of yet, and she gave us things to discuss so we will be more prepared. I'll share more about it later.
Michael comes home most days with stories. Stories from his freshman and sophomores at the all girls private school, stories from 7th and 8th grade PE at Academie, and stories from Kindergarden and first grade at Academie. Quite a diverse group of kids in his life right now. The best stories come from the 7th and 8th graders at Academie.

Here are some of their comments and questions:
"I would never want to be adopted, won't that be weird to know those aren't your real parents."
"Mister Jones, you gotta get him some baby js!" (Jordan sneakers)
"Boy, you gotta keep that line tight." (meaning the line between his hair and forehead)
"Your white, won't that be weird to have a black kid. What if your grandkids are black?"
"Will he have a name? Will you rename him?"
"You gotta get him some koojie for his tooshie?" (Michael thinks that this is a nickname for a certain brand of jeans.)
"Have you gotten him yet? When do you get him? Do you know him? What does he look like? Where is Ethiopia?"
"Why are you adopting?"

Needless to say, it has been quite interesting to hear all of their thoughts and honest questions.

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  1. Little guy, you will have the two best parents ever. . .they may be silly and think of an evacuation plan at the last minute, but they are funny and they DO have a plan. They love you so much and you are going to have the most fun and complete life any child could imagine!


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