Friday, April 10, 2009

"Good" Friday

Dear Little Jones,

Today is "Good Friday". The word Good in this context has a very big responsibility. I think this day could be called "Unbelievable Friday", "Humbling Friday", "Why God? Friday", "Sad Friday", "Amazing Friday"...but it is called good. It is
this day that we remember Jesus Christ sacrificing his whole life on our behalf. He died a very unbearable death because he loved you so much. Because he loves you, and me, and dad, and every single person on earth. That is a lot of love, isn't it? It is hard to imagine why he had to suffer so much, but he did it. He obeyed God (his father) and died. This part of the Easter story is very sad, hard to believe, and full of a love deeper than I understand. But you just wait two long days for Sunday and I will tell you the rest of this story. The rest of the story is so cool, I just can't wait to tell you!


  1. On this Saturday before Easter, I would like to say I am your Grandmother Debra (which sounds too formal) I can't be Grandma Debby because you already have a Grandma Debby (Jones) What would you like to call me? I have been waiting for my first grandchild for a long while now so I have a lot of stored up "grandmothering" for you. Let's be "great" together.

  2. Oh mom, you are going to have such a special bond with our son. He will be glad to call you Grandma Debby. (And dad Grandpa Ben.) I am so anxious to get all of our paperwork done so it will be out of our hands. We only have a handful of documents left!


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