Saturday, March 23, 2013

Palm Sunday: A Ride On a Donkey

Dear Children,

Good day. It's Palm Sunday tomorrow.  A wonderful woman with our children's ministry at church made the coolest Easter Story Characters (paper dolls that stand, small symbols, a chronological scene foldout, etc, etc,  wowza) It's pretty great how they encourage us (and equip) us as parents to help you (kids) be involved in the stories of the bible and play them out. Tonight we shared in the narrative starting with Jesus trip on the donkey to Jerusalem. 

We are excited to go to church in the morning and get actual palm branches to wave. (If we can get to church...we're kinda getting snowed in.) Telling the stories of Jesus, reading them, and acting them out....hope to continue to do all of this as a family...and do it more. It is always neat to learn something from you hear you, Tegegne, spout out fine details that you picked up from Miss Mimi's story time. Thankful for the wonderful people that share the life of Jesus with our children. 

I also added a few Easter egg ideas I liked. Nothing beats the intricate scenes that Grandma Ileen paints on eggs. I'll try to get some photos, since we're headed home over spring break. Her's are beautiful.


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