Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fields Benjamin: 6 Months

Dear Baby Fields,

I just can't get enough. I just can't get enough. (Do you know that song?) Fields, as Hensley would say, Stop It! You are just so cute. You are way into being face to face with people, especially yours truly. I can't quite capture your personality on camera, so I took a little video. You get so excited and start flapping and talking. It's the best. Thanks for being such a good baby. 

Tegegne feeds you most of the time. It's been great bonding for you two. Tegegne also hangs out with you a lot, holds you, shows you a toy. He's pretty great. You have eaten everything I've made. Good boy. You can sit up, but fall over quickly. You sleep on your stomach, but only half of the time. You are happy a lot, and just glad to be along for the ride.

We love you, bunches.

Mama, Daddy, and the Gang

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