Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Strong Tree: And You and Me

Good day, Saturday. Family, most of you are resting soundly. Naps are rarely overlooked in our house, even for Tegegne. Prior to nap time, we watched The Little Rascals, one of the originals (1929) that we checked out from the library. I grew up watching a series of 4 VHS tapes and I loved them. That and a Shirley Temple set were well watched in my early years. 

Not sure where your pops is. That's what happens sometimes in a 3500 sf house! People go missing! I'm thinking he snuck in one of your rooms and is napping with you, but I'll dare not open the door to see! Or he's outside building a sculpture garden in the backyard.  

The past few days have woken up our city. That being the 70+ degrees! Seriously, it's like the whole city was breathing deeply, sighing and taking in the breeze as we reconnected with the great outdoors. Our backyard was hoppin'. Michael roared up the fire pit, we ate dinner 2 nights in a row on the back deck, and had some friends join us. He set up our outdoor sound system (which is not so fancy!). Life's been like a small teeny version of the resurrection. New life. Spring is near. 

I mean, really. Isn't it interesting how circumstances affect our being? A sunny day versus sleeting rain, a hug from a friend versus an angered driver that we just pulled in front of (oops!), a flat tire versus a new pair of socks. I read the words from Henri Nouwen below and was the midst of life's ups and downs, it's good to be flexible while being deeply rooted...

Trees look strong compared with the wild reeds in the field.  But when the storm comes the trees are uprooted, whereas the wild reeds, while moved back and forth by the wind, remain rooted and are standing up again when the storm has calmed down.

Flexibility is a great virtue.  When we cling to our own positions and are not willing to let our hearts be moved back and forth a little by the ideas or actions of others, we may easily be broken.   Being like wild reeds does not mean being wishy-washy.  It means moving a little with the winds of the time while remaining solidly anchored in the ground.   A humorless, intense, opinionated rigidity about current issues might cause these issues to break our spirits and make us bitter people.  Let's be flexible while being deeply rooted.

The Virtue of Flexibility, by Henri Nouwen

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