Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday: You're Two

Well Hensley, you really enjoyed your 2nd birthday party. We had pulled pork sliders with crinkle chips, pickled beets, strawberry spinach salad and iced tea. Daddy made you a strawberry baby bunny cake, since Bunny is your go-to comfort lovey. Besides us, your guests were Nana & Grandpa Jones, Grandpa Ben and Grandma Debby, Taryn, Micah and Hazel, and our neighbor friends Jon, Hilary, Jaylen and Livia. 

You got the coolest Fisher Price A-Frame house from Uncle Eric and Aunt Erica (3rd to last photo). Plus a bath time baby, new Zara outfit and coat, coloring book, and a memory game. 

Tegegne and Dad went to a 3D movie last night, since today was all about you. Sweet, thoughtful Daddy. 



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