Monday, March 4, 2013

Your Parents: Telling Our Story

Dear Children,

Remember us saying that "We love because He first loved us?" (Meaning God loved us, and now we are able to love one another.) Well, it's kinda the same concept with your dad and I. We love you, but we loved each other first. When we fell in love, we didn't even know that you were in store. Our love for you is rooted and grounded in the fact that we love each other. We have come to realize that in our family, when we love each other well, it rubs off on you guys. Our marriage is the core of our family. Your dad and I must remember to not only show you how we are in love (give a smooch when you're looking, hold hands, etc), but to also tell you our love story. The more you know, the more confident you will feel...

So let me begin the journey of telling...
Your dad and I started dating in 2002. We fell in love after we got to know each other on San Diego Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ. We were sophomores in college. Your dad was the goofiest guy I had ever met. He made me laugh like no other. During that time he loved many things (mountain biking, pottery, glass blowing, French...) and the best thing was the he loved God. Having that in common was good news to me, because I loved God too. That was the most important thing. Then I got lucky when he picked me to be in his category of what to love.

We dated, he proposed (got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife (meaning his love just turned from temporary to forever, big gulp)), and we got married. We had many special friends who were a part of our journey, and several of them stood by us on our wedding day.

There will be more telling of our story, more details down the road. But for now I want to tell you that we fell in love, we were in love, we are now in love, and we will be in all our days to come.

Your dad and I were laughing the other day about how different our love looks now. We have lots of responsibilities as grownups and parents, which can be hard sometimes. It's good though, because we are learning what love looks like when things are hard, when it's been a long day, and when we are plum worn out. We have come a long way. We know each other much better than when we dated. That makes our love deeper.

So, what type of person do you want to fall in love with? We don't want to hear any of your responses until you are 18 please. Tegegne Dena...

Stay tuned for more exciting talk on mom and dad's love story...

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  1. I've been reading your blog for quite some time. I haven't read in multiple months because I've been busy. Tonight I was scrolling through excited to see pictures of your kids growing up with I came across this post.

    I had NO idea you had connection to Cru. My husband and I actually work on staff for Cru at Texas Tech and have been on many summer projects. My life was changed on a SP in 2006 at Hampton Beach!

    I love when I hear of people who have some type of connection with Cru!


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