Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Home: For the Holidays Part I

The Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour was a success. Four hundred and eighty-eight tickets were sold, and children under 12 were free. That made for a steady flow of people from noon to 5 in our house on Saturday! It was quite enjoyable to share our labor of love with family, neighbors, friends, and other folks. Thanks for coming on the tour! Thanks friends and family for giving the tour (we had docents in each room telling history, remodel stories, saying where artwork and furniture came from, etc!) Having people we know and love here made it all worth while. Several families and students from Michael's school came through as well. That made his day! 

Hensley, you enjoyed a special day with Gramma Debby, as you are least interested in greeting many people. Tegegne, you greeted with me and told folks that our house was built in 1905. (but most of the time you entertained people as a cheetah in the front yard). That was until your cousins came. You have talked about Ava non-stop since she left! Fields, you also were held by family and friends all day.  

Thank you so much, Aunt Deanna, for documenting the day!

Love you all and Merry Christmas!


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