Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moms: Let's Give Ourselves a Gift

Hello Mother Hens. 

Are you tired? Dream of sleeping in on Saturday? I sure do. Rest and relaxation have been on the forefront of my mind. I hope for those two words to reach my body and soul next!  Let's make an effort to give ourselves these gifts this Christmas. Here are some suggestions with hopes to revive our spirit.

1. Ask for help. First of all, we'll need some help, especially those of us with tiny kids. To get help, we must ask for it, yes? (Tis the season to be around family members who also love our kids, and hopefully would love to spend special time with them. Maybe we get creative and plan for one on one time. For example, Little Billie could have a special morning outdoors with Grandpa while Sweet Sister Sue goes to the library with Auntie.)

2. Pick a book. Try to sneak away for a morning or two to a coffee shop in one hand, frothy drink in the other. ( These are my picks...One Thousand Gifts and White Parents, Black Children.)

3. Sneak out for a date. (A matinee movie is nice, especially if the kids are napping aka...easy babysitting.)

4. Hit the spa. (A few new nail polishes will be it for me, and I'll try to exchange home-style manicures with my mom! These look lovely, don't they?)

What else sounds good to you? Whatever it is, make the effort. Take some time to revive Mother Hen. Everyone will be better off when we do. And we must not feel guilty or anxious during our special time. 




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