Friday, December 14, 2012

Notre Capitaine

I don't write much, probably because I am not too good with words.  I just need to tell you kids that your mom started writing to you over 4 years ago.  She just wanted to know how much you were loved, even before you knew who she was.  She is a beautiful woman, compassionate and true to those she loves.  She is a mother bear, and at the same time gentle touch on your soft backs.  She yearns for you to love yourself, others and Jesus.  She is tasteful, classy, and has an eye for everything beautiful.  I've come to know her for these past 10 years, and all I want is more time with her.  You are lucky children.  Lucky because you have a woman in your life who dreams for you, cares for you and pours herself into everything you do.  You have no idea how much she loves you, nor will you ever understand.  I don't understand the depths as well.  One thing I know is that you are her world, and you are images of her. You are beautiful children, and you care about each other.  Tegegne, you take care of your sister so well.  You are a strong big brother, a real joy to have in our lives.  Hensley, you are gentle and determined and beautiful like your mother.  Fields, as of now you are calm and pensive.  You grin, and I know that comes from her.  You three children make up different parts of your mother, and I think that is why I count down the minutes until I get time with you after I leave the classroom.  You remind me of your mother, the most amazing person I have ever known.  If just one more minute around you and your mother, the better man I will be.  If just one more minute around your mother, the better you will be.  She loves because she is loved, and she reflects that love well.  Better than anyone I have ever met...

Be blessed by your mother today,

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