Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fields Benjamin: 3 Months

Dear Fieldsy,

Oh you're cute and chubby and we love you. You are such a good baby. My favorite thing you're doing lately is looking up at me with the biggest grin after you're finished eating. I'm smitten. Then you spit up for the next 20 minutes. Like a ton. It's not so fun. You have started to make coos and love to be talked to. You still like to wake around 4am, but we're working on that. 

I give you this blessing before bed, "God loves you, God cares for you, God blesses you, God is with you." I've started doing some baby massage and you love it. You also like the baby yoga moves. Your favorite outfit is your Patagonia fleece from Geo and Jan. Cooozy! We do cloth diapers at home, but you pee through almost each one and that's with a double liner!

You are gonna love Christmas break because you will get held lots, and talked to, and spoiled.



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