Friday, December 7, 2012

Featured Friend: Friday

Meet Taryn. She has been a dear friend of mine since college, and now her friendship (plus Micah and Hazels) extends to each member of our family. She lived with us when we first brought Tegegne home in our Westwood bungalow and now lives in our upstairs apartment with her husband and daughter. I am spoiled by her friendship, and love our life giving conversations. Love you, T. Thanks for listening to the good and the bad and being a friend through it all. 

Tell us about your family.

Micah and I were married September 2011 and our daughter, Hazel Elece, was born 9.5 months later.  Although we weren't exactly planning to add to our family so quickly, we were very excited to find out that were going to have a baby....and now we are loving our time with our little Hazel Basil.  We love living with our dear friends in our cozy 3rd floor apartment of the Joneses residence,
You honeymooned to Spain, what was your favorite spot and why?

I have so many great memories from our time in Madrid and Barcelona, but I would have to say that our time in Tarifa was particularly special.  Tarifa is Spain's most southern coastal town just a short ferry ride from Tangier, Morroco.  We stayed in a dreamy "casita" that we found through the British website, Owner's Direct (  The casita was on the property of the retired Swiss/Swedish owners, Erika and Inglis, who were the most gracious hosts.  They welcomed us with a bottle of champagne, invited us to their home for a night cap and great conversation and gave us a wedding present at the end of our stay. They also gave us wonderful dining recommendations which accounted for three of the best meals of our lives.  Our last night there we enjoyed an incredible dinner of Chateaubriand and red wine at an old hotel on the beach and walked along the windy coast gushing with thankfulness for being in this beautiful place. 
Micah loves to cook. What is the most delicious food he's made for you?

That's tough but I always really enjoy when he makes a special birthday meal.  Last year for my birthday he made a big dinner topped off by a delicious Banana Cream Pie (from the trusty Cooks Illustrated cookbook) and breakfast the next morning which included homemade blueberry scones.  He always puts so much time and effort into these meals and I love getting to hear about the process and then share the (always yummy) food together. (Kristyn chiming in here...Micah just got a smoker and makes the best pulled pork with this homemade spicy mustard. And then there's his chili, oh man. His pancakes. That roasted chicken and veggies. The curried stew. Those crepes with cream sauce. I mean, seriously Micah, you are right up there with those tv chefs. Cook on, my friend!)
Can you describe your idea of living in community and in the country?

When Micah and I started talkong about getting married, we would talk about our hopes for our life together.  The more we talked about it, it became apparent that we were both really excited by the idea of living in a rural setting and offering a space for individuals and communities to come to get away from the city for solitude, prayer, discernment, relaxation, play, etc.  We would love to have a big garden and a welcoming guest space.  We're in no hurry to leave the city though.  We have learned the importance of community and we have a great one here.   
What is the best part of being a mom so far?

I really love our mornings together.  Now that my maternity leave is over, Micah goes to work in the morning and I go to work in the afternoon and we each get to spend the other half of the day at home with her.  I love going into her room when she wakes up in the morning and seeing her sweet smile.  We sings lots of songs and dance around the apartment.  We also love our visits with our housemates downstairs.  I love how Hensley says her name repeatedly and how Tegegne likes it when I pretend I know what she's thinking (i.e." Hazel says 'I wonder if I'll ever be as fast at Tegegne?'")  He assured me that she will not:)  It is a such a gift to live with dear friends. 

We love you guys!


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