Friday, September 16, 2011

Tegegne: Is Someone Turning 4?

Happy Birthday Tegegne!

We love you sooooo much. You are quite hilarious these days. We hope you enjoy your party!

Speaking of which, I am in the middle of preparing for your party right now.  What was supposed to be a small party is not going to be so small after all. You know how it goes...a few friends from school, a few from church, a few from the neighborhood, immediate family, and before you know it there's 40 people coming!  A bouncy house in the back yard, chili, chicken tortilla, and lentil soups, cornbread, juice boxes,'s going to be a party! A celebration indeed! 

You have requested a "Tree Cake with a Bluebird" so Ababayeh will make you just that! You also noticed the awesome pinata's at the Mexican grocery store, so we'll have one of those too. (Still gotta stuff the thing...the man at the store suggested that you American kids would not be so fond of the spicy Mexican candy.) 

We have been talking up your party all week, and I know you are going to love it, cute kid.

Hasta Manana! 


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