Friday, September 30, 2011

Hensley Ruth: 7 Months!

Hey little stink bug. You're 7 months old and you wanna shout it! You are ready to do everything your brother does, and you just may be able to in a month at the rate your going! Tegegne loves to feed you, and you enjoy him doing so. My favorite times with you recently are right after we drop Tegegne off and do a little shopping. We shopped around the thrift store today (SA on 10th and good!) and we scored some goods! I am still so excited about our purchases. You just hang out in the cart and make noises or give me cute little looks, quite different than if we have that wild and crazy brother along for the ride! Oh, but we love him!

We are going to the lake with Geo and Jan and we cannot wait to have a nice relaxing weekend! And I must say that I am just giddy giddy today. I'm so glad our pastor preached on joy the other day because I'm full of it and it's here to stay! (Sometimes I feel really happy and I start to worry that something bad must happen soon...because things are going so well now...does that ever happen to you?)

And I have to do a side note of Conversations with Tegegne real quick:

T: (sees me put allergy medicine in the bag for the lake and says...) Mommy, I'm not really feelin' good. My leg hurts from runnin'. I think I need some medicine. 

The other day he made me laugh:
T: Mommy, Gaga just got picked up by a tow truck. He was runnin' on the road and got picked up. He's really big. Isn't that silly? He's so silly. 

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