Monday, September 12, 2011

High School & Horsies

Salisbury High School Class of 2001

Mommyeh celebrated her ten year reunion with the big kids from her school while I ran around and played with this gray kitty. You may think that my mom came from a very small place, and you are right. She graduated with 63, but only twenty were at the reunion. She was so happy to catch up with everyone. You see, these were not just her friends from high school. Most of them were together in kindergarten! While they visited I played with kitty  and we really bonded. (Ababayeh and I thought we should bring kitty home, but mommy wasn't feeling it.)  After the family picnic Hens and I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Mommy and Ababayeh went out dancing with everyone.
The kids

Aunt Kyna took me horseback riding and I got to ride Little Red. She was such a good pony. I probably asked thirty questions about horses, and Aunt Kyna answered them all! 

Hensley loved the horsies too!

I'm becoming a pretty good photographer. Thanks Aunt Kyna for the fun time!



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  1. love gunyeas haircut! He is really growing up! such cuties you have ;)


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