Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our House: The Kitchen

So like I've said before, "I murried myself a Handy Man!" Remember my Christmas present a few years ago...we turned our bungalow attic into a master bedroom. When we moved into this house we knew the kitchen would be a project down the road but when Michael took the plastic laminate cabinets off the wall and saw the brick behind it was game on! We are in the thick of it now, and have made great progress!

When the house was built in 1900 the owner had a "butler" so they didn't find it necessary to make the kitchen as nice as the rest of the house. Throughout the years it obviously hadn't made much progress as seen by this lovely cabinetry and layout below. 

I love how this photo shows the dust in the air. Most demo work was done while the kids and I were shipped off to Grandma's house for 4 days.

We love you Adam! Thanks for putting in several really late nights with Michael! When our kitchen is done he is definitely going to return the favor!

Remember when the butler's pantry was here? (above) Well, we knocked that wall out including the full bathroom behind it and rotated the butler's pantry to be a part of the kitchen. See below. 

Tegegne is cutting the tomatoes for dinner!
I started to type out all of the work you've done, Michael, but it was too much to list here.  Thanks for working so hard...even on the nights that I wanted you to hang out instead. 

In the next few months I think we'll have a new kitchen! The next things are cabinets and counter tops, lighting, flooring, a bit more painting, and moving the plumbing because our sink and DW are going to be in the island! The kitchen was 11' x 10' and is now 11' x 16'. Those 5 feet helped us to complete change the layout and made our kitchen more more functional and a part of the rest of the house. 

Stay tuned...

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  1. I love watching the transformation! Michael is doing an awesome job!!!!


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