Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tegegne, A U.S. Citizen

Well Tegegne, last Friday you became an official citizen of the United States and we will soon get your American birth certificate and social security number. Yay! This was the last big step in our adoption process. This process could have started 6 months after we got home with you. We put it off a few months, then it took several months for the lawyers to pull it all together. Our hearing went very smooth, and we heard that we got really lucky. The kind judge even gave you a teddy bear, which our social worker said has never happened. It was a day to celebrate for sure! One funny thing, that is obvious in these photos, is how sick you were. Here we are trying to present you well and be on our best behaviors and you fall asleep and drool all over Ababayeh's shirt! You had a fever and wicked cold. It reminded me of last year when you were so sick in ET and we were trying to get through the embassy meetings with you having a raging fever. 

We got to change your birthday, and gave you the same birthday as Brother Sixtus, one of your dad's mentors and closest friends. This also wrapped up our meetings with our dear social worker. We will now send yearly reports about you to our adoption agency until you are 18.  It's just like keeping a scrapbook, not hard at all. So that's it. You can now run for president.


  1. How exciting! Hoping the little American is feeling better soon!

  2. Congrats! (but bad news... still can't run for president, foreign born and all) :(

  3. So proud of our "always first" grandson! Sending this note form Little Cayman Island the day before we head home. Hope to see you soon to be there for your unpacking party! Love Gramma Debby


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