Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

Girl Nursery Stella&Henry, designed by Kim Zimmerman

We are officially at 34 weeks today. You may ask, what does that baby belly look like at 34 weeks? And I would respond "oh, huge." Really "out there." I'm bumping into everything. Yes, I do have photos to share that I will post soon.

Hensley, here's what's up. You are moving more, and I am moving less (or at a much slower pace). I'm ready to meet you. Your dad and brother are ready too. Everyone at works thinks you're coming early. We have a guessing game going. I wondered if you would just let me know when you are coming so I can win the game. It is quite clever of you to keep us wondering. We officially still have about 7 weeks, but I've started packing the hospital bag just in case.

Here's what else is up. We may have sold our house + bought a new one and if all goes through we move in 2.5 weeks. Fun, fun! I was reading the other day about how to avoid post pardum depression and Ina May, a birthing midwife, suggested not to change your living situation when the baby comes. Oops, one strike against me. She also said what a mom with a newborn needs is lots of help and support. Your dear dad said he'd try to get a week off and your Gramma Debby plans to stay until we get settled. (She is really great at unpacking boxes, too!) I will definitely have good support.

P.S. I've been designing our *new kitchen in Sketch Up and having so much fun. An interior designers dream is moving into a blank slate. And I'd say the new house is just looking for some design. Of course, our design on a dime projects will come little by little, but I'm sure getting ready. *Thanks honey, for being my handy man so these ideas can become reality!


  1. you're just adorable. i'm sure if the new place works out it will be so fun, even amidst a new excited for your little fam!

  2. This is so exciting--so much is going to be new for you!

    I love that nursery in the photo above, by the way. Gorgeous.

  3. That picture! It was in Domino magazine yearrrs ago, and I've had it clipped and saved in a binder forever, I just love it. Her whole loft was featured, and it is all so beautiful.



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