Monday, January 3, 2011

A Little Bird

Vulnerable, Like a Bird
Life is precious. Not because it is unchangeable, like a diamond, but because it is vulnerable, like a little bird. To love life means to love its vulnerability, asking for care, attention, guidance, and support. Life and death are connected by vulnerability. The newborn child and the dying elder both remind us of the preciousness of our lives. Let's not forget the preciousness and vulnerability of life during the times we are powerful, successful, and popular.

-Henri Nouwen

It was interesting for me to open my email this morning and see this writing from Henri Nouwenn about a little bird. I went to a park earlier this week to get away and take some quiet time. I hopped in the car not knowing where I was headed, and felt lead  to this park outside of town. I then got out of the car into the very brisk winter air, and onto this large grassy plain where I sat down wrapped in a blanket. The voice in my head was saying, "Watch the birds, Kristyn...just watch the birds." As I looked out over the plain, there were hundreds of birds flying gracefully in one big flock. Then one bird flew from that flock over in my direction and hovered over me for a second, like he was telling me that "All is well." (I credit God as that voice in my head.)

So I learned the practice of stepping aside with no agenda to watch the birds. I hope I can continue this practice. And even though I have a 3 year old climbing on my back and jumping all around me while I sit here, I am looking out our large picture window and I see a few birds flying together.

Although I'm not feeling particularly powerful, successful, and popular I do see that it is good to know the vulnerability of life and ask for care and support. Especially with another little baby bird about to join the family.



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