Sunday, January 23, 2011

House: Sold and Bought

Sold this:

 (We love you, & we'll miss you sweet bungalow. You will always be near and dear to our hearts. And all of you to the north, the south, the east, and west...yes you, wonderful neighbors. We will most definitely MISS YOU. Thank you again for looking after our family, bringing our yellow dog home, and hanging out with us on our porch. We love you all so much.)

Bought this:

(Hello new home. We are really excited to get to know you. And you, to the north, the south, the east and west. Yes you, our new neighbors. We can't wait to meet you. Please don't be afraid of our large yellow dog. He is a lover and a licker. We look forward to becoming your friend and we may even share my husbands awesome chocolate chip cookies with you.)

Move on Saturday.

Yes, keeping up with the Joneses is an adventure. Last year this time we were in Ethiopia adopting our son, Tegegne. To be exact, we were at the ER because he had just busted his head on a coffee table. And this year Tegegne is three and we are moving and having a baby girl all at once. We hope that the good Lord will give us a couple of weeks to get settled into our home before we are graced with our daughter. But not too long, please. This belly is ready.



  1. the new house is amazing!!!! can't wait to come and visit!

  2. Congrats on the new house! We were at an adoption fundraiser last night and I thought of you all and what a blessing you've been to us and so many other couples who are feeling called to adopt. Thanks for continuing to share your journey!

  3. hurray! I have been checking for updates on it! so excited its yours! I want to come visit!!! lots of love to you!

  4. Wow, it looks like you guys gained a lot of space! I'm sure it will be decorated to a t in no time - best luck with everything!


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