Monday, August 23, 2010

Party Planning

I'm not always great at planning ahead, but your first big birthday celebration should be special. You turn 3 years old on September 20th! I have a month to plan, and I can't wait to make it loads of fun. The theme was quite obvious to Ababayeh. Dinosaurs. Ever since the two of you went to the dino exhibit at Union Station, you talk about them all of the time. At first I thought a theme would be cheesy, but then I remembered that you are 3 and a little cheese is necessary at your birthday party.

Ababayeh is going to make your cake (which will be super cool), and I've considered finding a dinosaur costume to wear at the party. And maybe, just maybe Philvis will make an appearance and play you a special birthday tune. Now I must also find him a dino song to play. Also need to make invites, plan a game, think of food and favors.

With your little sister in my belly, I've had a hard time finding motivation to do much in the evenings. But feeling sick and tired will not keep me from planning a good party for you. I will prevail! (especially w/ Michael and Taryn's help!)

Love you while you're still two.


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