Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Big Day

It's your last full day with Ababayeh before school tomorrow, little guy! You guys have been having so much fun. I went to orientation for your school last night, and you and Ababayeh will go today to meet the other students. It was confirmed by your teachers that Jordan was your best buddy this summer. They said once things got going in the morning you would call his name and be linked together all day! You will be sad to find out that Jordan is at another school now. You do, however, have 14 boys and 5 girls in your class. There may be one or two other boys that have brown skin like you, so we'll see if you prefer playing with them.

This year you will get one responsibility each day. One example is the 5 minute kid. This kid will warn the rest of the class that there is five minutes left at recess, snack time, etc. I think you would like that job. Ironically, we have two family friends from church with kiddos in your class. It should be fun for you to see these kids in class, then at church as well.

Have a good day with Ababayeh!


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