Monday, August 9, 2010

Home + ET in KC

We had two weeks of great vacation, but it was nice to come home. Too be honest I've been daydreaming about relocating, and for several reasons it felt good to be excited about coming Kansas City. Since we've been home, we have made yummy meals, gone to the First Friday Art show, attended a dear friends wedding, gone to church (phew, really missed that!), played at the spray park, had Michael's parents for dinner, and met up with friends at Foo's. Amidst all of that fun, it has been relaxing and so nice to be home.

Oh, hello...AND we went to an Ethiopian get-together in KC on Saturday afternoon. Met the most lovely people, all of whom came from your homeland, Gunyea. Learned that there are 6,000 Ethiopians in Kansas City. Even met a family from Sodo, of the Weyletan tribe. They spoke Weyletan to you, the language of your birth family. It was pretty special. There is an Ethiopian children's soccer league that we will look into. So neat to make those connections to your culture in our city. We exchanged numbers, and will get together for play dates soon. God is good.

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  1. So cool to know so many Ethiopians in KC!! It will be great to have those connections as T grows up. I will definately need your help once we bring our little person home too!


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