Monday, April 1, 2013

Harmonica: The Dryer and Baby Pee

Hello Monday. Easter weekend was a great celebration. I attended a solemn and really wonderful Good Friday service and we went to the Sunrise Service Sunday morning. We remembered Jesus dying and celebrated Jesus rising, and today we humbly live in God's gracious love because of those events. A good time celebrating with family and friends. 

This morning started with Michael going back to school. Wah, waaah.  After a week together, we want him home longer. For making breakfast scones, bringing us donuts in bed, or for taking us to Soho Bakery. For relaxing together or for wrestling together. (We have discovered that wrestling is Tegegne's version of cuddling. It is in the choke hold that we sneak in hugs or love squeezes and we tell him we love him. He asked Michael to wrestle at least twice a day.) It's so good when all 5 of us are together!

Fields and Hensley were enjoying a morning nap while Tegegne and I hung out. With my permission, he decorated my eyes and face with bronze eyeshadow...

T: Mom, you should have dad take you on a date tonight. I know you would like that...He'll do it...Man! People are going to look at you and say, that lady's crazy, but she looks awesome.

Before that he painted with watercolor, then with acrylic. Now he's in the dryer playing a harmonica. 

Fields is now awake and diaper-less. Oh man. He just peed on me. All this action and one child is sleeping. 

Happy Monday to you. 


P.S. A friend captured this photo of Hensley last night as we hung out on the Nelson Lawn and finished our spring break well.

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